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Whāriki Hauora

Weaving the foundation of wellbeing for the Performing Arts


Whether you’re cast or crew, we recognize that doing this kind of work is tough. It comes with a unique set of emotional, physical and financial pressures and we are committed as a tribe to change the conversation around our own and others well-being. Whāriki Hauora is a partnership between mental health experts and people who work in the performing arts, and we are committed to supporting each other through the rough patches.



If you work professionally within the entertainment or performing arts family, and are finding it hard to cope with any aspect affecting your well-being, you can access 6-8 sessions of Whāriki Hauora’s confidential, subsidized professional mental health peer-support sessions through Mind and Body. Whāriki Hauora Support Sessions are anonymous, confidential and self-referring by koha or donation. To make an appointment to talk to someone, contact (09) 630 5909 ext. 821 (Auckland) or (03) 377 1818 ext. 851 (Christchurch). If you are anywhere else in the country, this service is available via video-chat. You can also find us on Facebook where you can connect with others to listen, offer or seek support and promote any performance that helps raise awareness of these issues. Go to and join in the conversation, or share your own initiatives or ideas for supporting others via our “Notes” pages.



If you were going overseas, would you prefer a local guide who lives and breathes your destination, or a travel agent who’s never been? Peer support is a little different from other counselling in that the person you will be talking to has been there, struggled and recovered, so knows what you’re going through. They’re not clinical, and are there to talk through your problems, and help you find solutions without judgement.



We need donations to be able to continue supporting everyone who needs help. Funds donated go directly to providing anonymous and independent support for people who need it. Think outside the square about how you as an individual, group or organisation might contribute. Hold a fundraiser, donate x number of seats, a percentage of profits or an extra dollar or two to your ticket price

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