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Borni Terongopai Tukiwaho


Borni is Kaiwhakahaere/Director for Taurima Vibes Ltd. He has held various roles in management as a lecturer, facilitator, business manager, mentor and in the arts as musician, actor, director, producer and broker. As a broker, he inhabits the spaces between differing landscapes, nurturing a symbiotic relationship between specific community spaces and the arts arena. He is a graduate from South Seas Film and Television School and holds a BA from UNITECs School of Performing and Screen Arts. He is currently studying his post graduate in Social Arts Education before pursuing his Masters and works as a Cultural Wellbeing Engagement Liaison for Changing Minds NZ.

Borni is a core whānau member of Te Pou Theatre and is an active Equity NZ board member. He began his creative career in music before turning to theatre and film. Most recently, Borni has directed a number of pieces including the inaugural season of Renee Liang’s Dominion Road The Musical. He oversees Taurima’s yearlong programme as executive producer and artistic director for all projects, including artists Taurima support & collaborates with, as well as overseeing Taurima’s own creations. which include ATAWHAI the annual month long Mental Health Awareness Festival and PUĀWAI the HIV Awareness Festival. Both in their fourth year of production.

As a suicide prevention and wellbeing advocate, Borni is dedicated to help create open conversation and tangible support networks. He has a strong focus on community empowerment through storytelling and has created strong relationships with Auckland Community Organisations. These relationships include; The Auckland City Mission (The Hobson Street Theatre Company), New Zealand AIDS Foundation, Positive Women Inc, Body Positive, Mind and Body, Mental Health Foundation and Changing Minds. Over the past 5 years, alongside his contemporaries, he has spent time looking at what wellbeing in the performing arts industry is. They are aiming to see what clear unification could look like within the ranks and are hoping to discover tangible pathways for open conversation and destigmatising negative social perceptions. A direct result from this work and research is the creation of Whāriki Hauora an accessible, affordable peer support initiative for artists in NZ.


Gemishka Chetty

Gemishka is a graduate from the University of Auckland. Since graduating she has been working in the media industry as a freelance videographer, and producer. She has co-created, written and produced the web series Brown Noize; which highlights women of colour, breaking the media status quo. As a videographer she has been engaged to create content and photography for the performing arts industry, including a commission from The Auckland Performing Arts Centre during their culture clash programme in 2016. This brought together people from diverse communities in one space to share, reflect and perform each other’s stories.  Gemishka is a strong advocate of community unification. She worked as Community Engager, Social Media content developer and Social Media Supervisor for Dominion Rd the Musical. Engaging with the rich, diverse community members also reflected her drive to support the voice of migrant women in NZ.

Gemishka is a Production Manager for Taurima Vibes Ltd and is the key Producer for the annual Puāwai Festivals female empowerment series, ‘Wahine Toa’.  She is aligned with all of Taurima’s core values, specifically aiming to empower, to share and to make the strength of the female voice accessible. Gemishka relishes the opportunity to further enrich New Zealand’s on-screen presence, to support diverse community groups through the Puāwai and Atawhai festivals and to assist in allowing important messages to become visible to a wider audience, with the aim of destigmatising, supporting and celebrating difference.


Gary Hofman

Gary is currently working towards the completion of his BA, majoring in Drama and History and Bachelor of Law at the University of Auckland. He is actively involved in student support associations the Australasian Union of Jewish Students and the Auckland University Law Student Society. He has traveled extensively and supported these causes internationally.  He has been involved with theatre for many years. At the UOA he has worked with Stray Theatre Company for the last two years. His work with them includes two producing credits for their productions of Rhinoceros at TAPAC and Stir Fried IX across numerous locations in central Auckland. He also premiered Anjula Prakash’s The Black Orchid Paradisa at Te Pou for the 2017 Rangatahi Festival and Auckland Fringe 2017. He is an artist, performing in numerous productions for Stray Theatre Company. Some of his credits include the New Zealand Premiere of Peter/Wendy and Are You Sure?

Along with his academic achievements, Gary brings to the table an effervescent curiosity and vivacity that comes with being a born networker and entertainer. He utilises his multiple skill set as our Social Media Developer/ Co-Ordinator and as our Inclusion Liaison throughout our whole programme.


Marc seymour

Marc hails from England. Marc landed in Aotearoa in March 2017. He is a graduate from Leeds University in the United Kingdom with a BA Honours degree in Film. Upon completing his degree, Marc volunteered on the ICS programme in Ghana at a FIFA sponsored sports centre. He worked as part of a team that taught IT and life skills to young adults, with the aim to increase local chances of employment whilst also organising events for younger children in the community. At the completion of his placement Marc moved in to the travel industry working for Etihad Airways Manchester. On arrival in New Zealand he worked as a travel agent in Queenstown and amongst other things is currently working in accounting and accounts payable.

As Production Manager for the Puāwai Festival in 2017, Marc played a pivotal role in event set up and the festival pre-production liaising. Leading on from all his experiences, Marc will be using his keen interest in progressive education, traveling and the arts world in a Research and Development role, and as our Marketing Liaison Officer.


Zach Robinson

Zach is completing a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Auckland, with a double major in Drama and Screen Production. In 2016 he received a Northern Area Performance Theatre Awards, award, for best supporting male in a musical. With a solid background in acting and the performing arts, he is always dedicated to striving for excellence in any project undertaken. He has worked in a number of positions from catering, to dog training and is excited to bring his experience, passion, and unique flavour to his new role with Taurima Vibes. He brings a strong interest in new creation and mindfulness and is the Emerging Artist/ Youth Engagement Co-Ordinator and our Wellbeing Engagement Liaison. Zach also takes a vital lead role in the creation and production for the Atawhai Mental Health Awareness Festival and is pivotal in our mindfulness engagement with the NZ International Comedy Festival & the NZ Comedy Guild.


Daniel Goodwin

Dan Goodwin is a Scottish Actor and writer, as well as a vocal advocate for mental health representation. After completing a degree in theatre from the university of Otago and working as a director and dramaturge for Counterpoint Theatre Company, he went on to train as an actor in San Francisco. Most recently in 2016, he completed his Masters at RADA in Text and Performance before returning to New Zealand.


Dan’s creative interests lie in the blending of poetry within theatre, anthology in performance, and the portrayal of psychosis onstage. His show Breathe has toured across the Uk and New Zealand after winning the Harold and Jean Brooks award for best performance in its inception at RADA. Since then Dan has continued to create work as part of Taurima Vibe’s Atawhai festival, and as a whānau member of Te Pou Theatre. Dan’s poetry has been performed and published in the US and UK, and he is currently working towards the completion of his first anthology.


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