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Taurima Vibes Ltd have brokered relationships with a series of community support foundations in Auckland over the past six years. Our aim is to bridge the gap between community engagement, and professional performance. Using these creative partnerships prove to be a powerful tool for learning and communication through storytelling and performance.


At our core we offer two main modes of engagement. Facilitation, and industry & community brokership.

All mahi is focused around the ideals of manaakitanga, safety and supported with our directors cultural grounding in Tikānga Māori. We ‘walk alongside’ everyone we engage with to create the right space and environment for not only the individual, but the collective. Seldom do we approach specific communities as we prefer to be invited. In this, it allows our team to support as needed by the group or community; allowing the authenticity of the voice and kaupapa to be central. The arts are used as a gateway tool to self-empowerment, confidence, enrichment, self-respect and dignity. Along the way is a learning process using these tools in such a way that everyone owns their learning and creative process.

We look to offer theatrical and process building experiences, allowing participants to develop skills to help ensure personal and professional development. This can allow an easier, healthy social interaction, and shows how these skills can be relevant and utilised in any real-world situations.

We have a strong focus on wellbeing, mental health awareness, destigmatising negative social perceptions and creating strong connections. Industry brokership relationships have also been cultivated over the past six years within both the wellbeing and performance landscapes helping to integrate each specific viewpoint in all projects and engagements. We have created support facilitation workshops for industry peers addressing process and how to individualise each approach to suit each specific kaupapa. Our aim is to help facilitate ease and implement structure in a way that is pliable whilst allowing the ability for any structured pathway to be followed.

Most recently, we have been honoured to work alongside The Basement Theatre, The NZ Comedy Guild and NZ International Comedy Festival facilitating workshops and relationship processes. We are also excited to have been instrumental in encouraging some of the main performing arts venues to unite and set wellbeing support conversations in motion, and to be core contributors to the new initiative Te Ara Auaha - the alliance for creative well-being innovation. The initiative works in bringing together practitioners, consumer, academic and clinical organisations to look at creating a strong foundational space in policy and systemic change for arts and wellbeing.

We are so excited to see what the future holds for our whanau!

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