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Atawhai began in 2015. It came about in response to many conversations and concerns voiced from ac

A festival created to help in the response needed for education around suicide prevention, and to raise awareness of issues that affect our mental health and wellbeing. The festival has a solid aim to destigmatise mental health and addiction problems through changing dialogue and perceptions around the topic and create tangible support networks to encourage self-care for those engaged in the performing arts.



Writers Network


Atawhai proudly supports artists who want to explore stories based on their life and lived experiences.
Each evening celebrates the mahi of six new emerging artists following week-long
workshop processes. Five distinct journeys and our creators are excited to show you their progress.

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Ahurei Takatāpui

Smashing it in their fields, four of our takatāpui whānau are coming together to koha everyone a day of fun, workshops and uplifting korero. Audiences with Gee, Brady, Jacob and Ardon: lets korero hauora, personal negotiation, makeup, flawless style, music, singing, movement and boxing! Come join us for 1 or 4, your choice!!!

Once the workshops are done, we'll do what we do best, kai, waiata and enjoy each other’s company from 4:15pm.

Supported by our ATC whānau

Tempo Dance Festival (Supporting)

"This year we are delighted to be partnering with Atawhai Festival to co-present well-being focused events for the dance sector. This alignment comes from rigorous community research that identifies a crucial need for the dance sector to have tools available to them around maintaining holistic health practices.

We also identify the power of physicality, dance and movement practices as a catalyst for wellbeing. This partnership will seek to facilitate positive transformation for our sector and for the  public, and we are excited to be working alongside experts in the field." 

- Cat Ruka

Animal (Supporting)

"They’ve taken our land, kidnapped our young, slaughtered our kind and sold the remains...” Deep in the rural south of New Zealand the animals of James Cook farm have had enough of their colonisers. A crack of thunder in the distance. The revolution is coming.

Atawhai is proud to be supporting Stray Theatre Company along with Co-Directors' Arlo Green and Harriett Maire for a visual re-telling of George Orwell's infamous and powerful novella, 'Animal Farm'.

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